Posted by darren on Thursday, June 23, 2011
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So, here's the problem: the clock is ticking on my master's. I had wanted to finish by August.

That's not looking so good. Most of the work I did in 2006 is lost/useless/forgotten.

Fall 2011 is the last possible term to complete by the seven year deadline.

While I don't really think I can finish in four weeks, if I can write the first two (or three) chapters by mid-July, I'll be in good shape.

Summary of the problem:

  • Won't be home until August
  • No books
  • No access to online university library
  • No desk
  • No office supplies except for a blue pen and a pad of Post-its

  • San Jose City Library Online Database of Journals
  • Books via Kindle
  • Purchased a few other books not available on Kindle
  • Zotero for pdf's and citation organization (use Firefox & Word plugins)
  • SugarSync & Dropbox for files
  • Evernote for random notetaking on articles
  • Acrobat for notes directly on pdf's
  • Starbucks & Library are now my study hall

I've got until July 13.